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HyperMaker is the only professional website Compiler that runs on all Windows flavors: Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP / 95 / 98 / 98SE / ME / NT / 2000 The publications support not only text and images but also MPEG, Flash and Acrobat files. Moreover, any other kind of files can be included. Features: - Compresses & encrypts multi page publications in a unique file, up to 2 GB size (2 GB is equivalent to about three CD-ROMs storage space). - Full word search in all pages. Some pages may be excluded if that is your desirable. - Keyword search. - Access to a compiled publication can be restricted to certain pages. To obtain complete access to the whole publication a password must be entered. This make HyperMaker ideal for "try before you buy" e-book distribution. - Passwords may be fixed, based on a predetermined list, related to the hardware (in different ways) or user name. - The flexibility and the features of this password system makes it the most complete in its kind. - Offers the unique ability to setup a refund authorization scheme to help minimize your ebook returns. - Supports using Dongles to protect Ebooks. Dongles are small devices that attaches to the USB port of a computer. Your ebook may be duplicated, but it will only run when the proper Dongle is attached to the computer. - Three different scripts (Perl, PHP and ASP) for generating registration keys online, for registered users. - There are no de-compilers for HyperMaker publications. This will also prevent modification or reuse of the content of a publication by others. The print and copy functions can be disabled for additional protection. - The language in your publication should be identified before the compiling process (several languages are supported and other languages can be easily added). Subsequently, when a user accesses the compiled publication, the Viewer will automatically adjust its interface (button titles, menus and so on) language accordingly. Multi language publications are also possible, where the publication changes its interface language automatically when the user opens a page in another language. - Pop-up messages are supported. - Installer/Uninstaller for distributing your ebooks is included. - MIDI, WAV, MP3, AVI and MPEG Video are supported. - Publications can start external programs to play all types of files (e.g. Word and Excel files). - Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Shockwave Flash (SWF) and AVI or MPEG files can be played inline. - E-mail and form submission through the user's installed E-mail program and Internet Browser or using the built-in form submission capability (CGI scripts should be installed in your website to handle the form submission). - Powerfully intuitive interface for immediate productivity - The evaluation version is full-featured. The registration removes the nag screen and allows you to generate registration keys for your publications - Royalty free distribution of the Viewer and Setup programs.

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